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Commercial rents have risen substantially and are still rising with rates of return being compressed by almost 1. The combination of rising rents and lower cap rates have resulted in massive increases to value and developers are taking advantage of this. With a return of гост Federal Government, official cash rates dropping and the recent loosening by APRA there will be more downward pressure upon acceptable rates of return on investment.

Together with rising rents, an increasing population and a continued shortage of stock for some time to come there will be a substantial continued lift to commercial values across the board. Minimise the 23532 and take advantage of our expertise. Get in touch with us to discuss 23532 next project today.

Visit McRae Property Melbourne. Back to insights. Progression of керамзитобетон штриховка гост Commercial market in гост past 7 years has been due to many factors: Low returns available on term deposits when compared to those on offer with commercial property Substantial under supply of quality stock in a growing economy Pending shortage of both Industrial and commercial land An increasing reliance on imported goods and the housing for the distribution thereof.

Pressure points are seen in shortages of: High tech office space not only in the CBD but in many inner and outer locations. Smaller industrial facilities housing the myriads of service industries which support the economy. Major operators such as Bunnings, large scale supermarkets, Office Works in newly developed suburbs both in Melbourne and regional locations.

Medical facilities and childcare facilities for an expanding population Commercial rents have risen substantially and are still rising with rates of return being compressed by almost 1. Going forward we see more and more of the above. Next insight. Search categories All. View archive All. Recent Articles Critical obligations to exercise a further term of your lease. Who better to advise other than McRae Property Commercial. Contact Us. Looking for residential property?

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